About Us

Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) is a trusted provider of technology and has managed tech solutions for hundreds of clients all across Canada.

Who are we? Experience, Passionate Technology Experts.

Mission: Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) is driven to constantly improve upon its existing relationships with tier-one manufacturers while also searching for potential opportunities within the niche of smaller and or recently-formed technology vendors.

OTS provides technological products and services of superior value, custom-configured to meet the specific requirements of each individual customer. OTS targets long-term relationships in which expertise and creativity propels the ongoing development, support and service needed for its clients as they continually evolve and progress in the tech world.

Philosophy: Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) will take the time to personally understand its clients’ infrastructure so that the best possible business solution can be recommended. Understanding its customers’ IT needs and how to work with them in order to increase productivity and growth has allowed OTS to become the trusted IT partner. Flexibility continues to be a standout quality of OTS that its customers greatly appreciate. Meeting all of its customers’ needs or simply filling in the gaps when necessary puts OTS in a unique and resourceful position of supporting IT departments.

Corporate Profile: Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) is a dynamic and progressive company with a clear objective – to provide its corporate business clients with complete infrastructure and cost-effective business solutions through the efficient deployment and integration of technology. A comprehensive product line of voice and data communications systems, surveillance solutions, IT hardware, software, networking products and services is provided by OTS and designed to meet all of its customers’ IT requirements.

OTS effectively runs its tech business by delivering the highest value in hardware and services, which in turn creates complete technological solutions for all of its customers’ individual and technical needs. OTS actively seeks long-term relationships in which it dedicates its professional expertise, experience, development, services, support, consultation and resources towards empowering its business partners to communicate, compete and succeed in a rapidly-changing world.

OTS understands that in a tech environment, changes in system standards are common. OTS is able to assist in recommendations and product evaluations, as new products continue to be introduced to the market. OTS is often able to educate manufacturers on the pre-testing process, in a both general and practical sense, while giving guidance on the direction the market is taking and recommending the best line of action.

Our Skills

Professionals / 95%
Experience / 95%
Customer Support / 95%

Why is Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) 5% short of 100? OTS has the attitude that it can always improve, learn more and – as a result – serve its customers better. From its team of System Engineers to its Customer Support Department, OTS offers the complete package that will help all of its customers run their businesses more efficiently.

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