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Since its conception a decade ago, Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) continues to excel competitively by providing an extensive product line that is at the forefront of the tech industry. Likewise, gaining and retaining the trust of other businesses by means of transparent and progressive communication is the cornerstone behind the OTS business model.


Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) thrives as a business through the hard work invested by its community of technology experts. Hardware and services of optimal value are delivered by OTS to all of its customers, while making sure to understand and respond to each and every concern with a unique, effective solution.

Services & Solutions

The superior level of knowledge, creativity and professionalism behind the implementation of solutions for all customers working with Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) is second to none. OTS asks the right questions and comes up with the most effective answers.


Professional relationships require a standard backed by optimal levels of proactivity and reliability. OTS addresses all potential issues that they recognize as minimizing customer gains while also making them aware that whichever problem or option needing to be eliminated or exercised, respectively, will be done so in the right way.


The OTS partnerships signify the furthered progression of the company and our ability to deliver quality services. Being closely tied together with industry leaders and manufacturing companies ensures that OTS knows the nuances of each product serviced.

Services & Solutions

Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) is a dynamic and progressive company with a clear objective – to provide its corporate business clients with complete infrastructure and cost-effective business solutions through the efficient deployment and integration of technology.


Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) sees a project through from start to finish with creative implementation and comprehensive overseeing being carried out by its team of tech experts. The number one goal for OTS is that all of its customers see the ultimate value behind choosing its high level of expertise and creative synergy.

Our wide Services Offerings

  • Pre-installation staging
  • Pre-configuration to customer requirements
  • On-site installation
  • Cabling
Network Integration

The list of speedy and exceptional services provided are the following: design, installation, project management, delivery, deployment, implementation, VOIP support, security systems, LAN, WAN, VPN NAS to wireless solutions.

Flexible Integration and Support

The value behind Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS) is represented by its thorough list of maintenance and support services, which are precisely tailored to the data and voice communications, surveillance systems and desktop to server requirements of the customer being attended to. Both on and off-site support is available as all angles are covered from monitoring hardware inventory, conducting routine maintenance and troubleshooting to installing software updates, initiating help desk functions and providing post-sales support. The customer can be rest assured that they are in good hands at all times with OTS helping them lead the way.


Becoming or maintaining the role of leading competitor in their respective industry sector is why businesses seek the advantages offered through having a relationship with Optimum Tech Solutions (OTS). OTS provides professional consultation for all of its customers by means of informed strategic planning that leads to timely and effective decision-making.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing allows companies to reap the benefits of not having to physically deploy infrastructure hardware or software. Now SMB to Large companies can even have access to their programs anytime and anywhere.

Optimum Tech Solutions

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